When ‘Airy Met Fairy received critical acclaim for their debut album Glow and will come back in 2020 with their indie trip-hop album esprit de corps. Thirteen captivating songs take listeners into a musical landscape filled with stories of drowning men at sea and lovers in despair.

“To me this album captivates the essence of who we are as people. No attempt to embellish anything. We left the sounds of me breathing and Mike’s instruments rattling while we switch between intensity and intimacy.” explains front woman Thorunn Egilsdottir. “We recorded in my apartment . There’s nothing more than a wooden floor and two chairs. Ideal to capture sound.” adds bass player Mike Koster.

The duo started experimenting with samples after drummer Thomas Copier left the  band in 2018. “. “Everything comes down to the drumbeats, the bass lines and Thorunn’s vocals. To me this is a time travel to the 90s and back ” reveals Koster. 

For the past two years the band took the time to focus on the song-writing and album recordings. “We slowed things down. I think it has been beneficial for the evolution of the band.” Egilsdottir points out.